"... a blue border with

yellow polka dots

could punctuate a 

painting filled with sunflowers and irises,

a deep blue black 
will emphasize 

or echo a starry night sky. "









Jane Kewin creates paintings that are a beautiful place in which to escape - gardens, terraces and flower filled rooms are brought to life by a breathtaking use of colour. 


The compositions are rich with vibrant patterns and a subtle yet complex colour palette.  Jane, a self-described "colourist" composes the paintings entirely from her imagination but infused with elements from the life around her. She is deeply influenced by nature and takes continual inspiration from everything from her flower and vegetable gardens to frequent jaunts to local flea markets and antique stores located near her home in London, Ontario.


"I'll see a pattern in a carpet or the design from an old transferware plate and it can initiate an entire painting."  Working without the set limitations of painting the still life before her, she can let the painting evolve through a series of decisions based in colour and composition. "If I need the room to be peacock blue just to make my poppies jump out, I can create that room."  


One constant element of Jane's paintings are her polka dot borders, not only do they "contain" the space, suggesting the slightly surrealist escape quality of the images. They play an important role in the final design. The borders are always painted last, and used as a tool to perfect the finished colour relationships.   "Through both colour and contrast, this frame or border can really bring the painting to life - a blue border with yellow polka dots could punctuate a painting filled with sunflowers and irises, a deep blue black border will emphasize or echo a starry night sky.  I really never anticipate the final outcome of a painting until I have solved this final colour puzzle."


You would be hard pressed to find an image of Jane's without flowers of some sort or another. The essence of a flower lends itself perfectly to an artist so enraptured by colour and form. The lyrical lines of stems and masses of beautifully hued blooms lead your eye around the canvases.   "With flowers, I am never at a loss what to paint next."